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As a teacher, one of the most important things you can do is support your students as they are learning. This support is called scaffolding. Scaffolding is key in helping students learn topics that may seem difficult at first. The first step in scaffolding is to stimulate the students’ interest in the topic. This can be done in a variety of ways including allowing the students to come up with questions and use research to find the answer to that question. Students are oftentimes naturally inquisitive, but they are more likely to follow through and find the answer to their questions with the support of their teacher, who helps them develop and maintain their interest. The second step in scaffolding is the teacher supporting and encouraging the students as they work through their assignments. This can be done by simply answering the questions that come up, or actively teaching the students as they are completing their assignment. At this step, the teacher will often break down the task into more manageable pieces to make the assignment a little bit easier for the students to complete without becoming overly frustrated. It is also important that the teacher demonstrates what is expected of the students. The teacher should give models of how to answer questions and how to complete a project. This allows students to have something to go off of and they will be able to complete the assignment better.

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It is also key that students are given experience-based questions that will help them have experiences and actively learn, whether than passively learning from a textbook. Learning more from the teacher or experiences is better for students to learn because they are not trying to rush through the assignments. The assignments are no longer focused on using a textbook but are focused on doing research or creating projects/presentations.

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I think scaffolding and research are some of the most powerful tools a teacher will have in their repertoire. Making things easier and more interesting for students is something that every teacher should focus on. I think teachers should want to get their students excited about the subject they are teaching, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to allow students to do their own research on what they find interesting and provide the support they may need to get through the learning process. Overall, I think scaffolding is something that every teacher should know how to do and should utilize in their classroom just to make things easier on them and on the students.

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