Blog Post #8

Culturally relevant pedagogy is important in the classroom because it helps the collective group. It urges the collective action grounded in cultural understandings, experiences, and ways of knowing the world. Teachers need to know how to teach, and in the cases of social studies teachers they need to be well-grounded in history and the social sciences. This means they should be able to use a variety of teaching techniques to make sure the students are learning what they need to learn.

Teachers should use culturally relevant social studies when teaching because it helps ground their students in history. The students will get to make their own connections to the material using their own culture as the basis of understanding. Since social studies is one of the least-liked subjects in school, making it culturally relevant can make it more interesting for students and they may end up liking the subject a little bit more. Making social studies culturally relevant also takes it away from being textbook heavy. This is a huge reason why students do not like the subject, they do not get to do the fun activities that other classes get to do. Cultural relevancy allows the teacher to stray away from the textbook and relate things to present day issues or events.

Social Studies Free Presentations - What is culture?

This is also a really good way to involve all students, not just the students who enjoy reading. The subject is so book heavy, that only the students who really enjoy reading seem to be the ones that enjoy the class. But, changing up the curriculum a little makes it so those kids who do not like to read or who have academic struggles can still get a lot out of the class and can still have fun. I like the idea of straying away from the textbook just because I think that is what causes the most boredom with students. I think if a teacher is able to make a subject that is kind of boring a little bit more fun for everyone, more and more students would enjoy the class and participate more.

Active Participation

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