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Teaching history can vary throughout the world. In some places it is more focused on the experience and the skills acquired through learning history. In other places it is more focused on knowing the material and the history of the nation. Much of the United States curriculum focuses on knowing the history of the nation. The goal is for the students to know the story, know what happened, and why it happened. Young Americans often times have a lot of exposure to historical things. They learn from a young age about Columbus and the Presidents because there are holidays for those people. Children begin learning historical facts from the holidays that are celebrated and from the television shows that they watch. There are many television shows with historical backgrounds that are geared towards young children, like Liberty’s Kids. I think in the United States, a big goal is to get children exposed to history as early as possible.

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However, this sometimes does not always work. Sometimes it can cause children to become too overwhelmed with information that they, in turn, start to not like the subject. I think the best way to get children interested in history is to expose them young, but not expose them too much. There has to be a sense of wonder that the children need to satisfy and if facts are constantly being thrown at them that sense of wonder is going to go away. In other countries, the history curriculum focuses more on the experience of history. They involve historical evidence and utilize that in the interpretation of history. This is not to say that the United States does not do that, because they do, it is just at a lesser scale.

United States History: What Is Important To Know And Why? | HuffPost

In other countries, history seems a lot more personal than it is in the United States. They utilize things the kids may have in their homes or from their relatives to help teach them about history. In the United States, this is not really the norm. The curriculum does not involve a lot of personal connections, which I think with that sort of connection, students will be more interested in learning more about the history of their country. Making things personal almost always gets students engaged and interested in a subject, so I think it would be a really good idea to teach history with more personal connections.

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